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AJ Poniente. San Diego. 19. 011914<3. 94 til' Infinity.

Everytime i’m with her she makes me fall in love with her 10x’s more!
i’m more than thankful to have such a girl like her in my life. thank you for the best 9 months i have ever had in my entire life thanks to her i am a better person then who i am 9 months ago
we may have had out ups and our downs but we know how to get back on track and love each other even more.
thank you for all the love you’ve have given me im blessed to have a girl like you and i dont ever want you to leave. i love you forever and always! KDE <3 
i love you, i love you, i love you

Everytime I close my eyes, I thank the lord that I have you ❤️

Whole day I think of you, Give all my love to you, my baby boo, swear it’s true, All day I think of you💕

i love her ❤️
The Love of my life ❤️
Got matching tattoos with the love of my life ❤️
Also happy birthday to me 😊
my love &lt;3
15. April 2014

Close to the edge of collapsing.